About Us

Our Story

My name is Luca Cesaroni and the Secret-1 was born out of my need to have a definitive clean boost and overdrive pedal. I wanted it to be naturally transparent, very dynamic and not to alter the sound of the amp-guitar combination, respecting the musician’s as much as possible.

This is something that I had never found after many years of working in the world of music and guitars.
It all began with a visit to military surplus equipment shop, where I found a few boxes that would perfectly fit an overdrive circuit. So I bought these and asked my dear friend and electronic guru Guido Borghesani to collaborate with me on an original to bring the project to life.

“Guido has been into electronics and physics since a very young age. He enjoys building apparatuses that generate high voltages. He has been involved in numerous designs for devices kin multiple fields, from radio instruments and audio systems to machines used in biomedical research and modern art. He has been working for many years as a technical assistant for musical instruments and professional audio.”

Our Mission

We want to design and and create high quality effects in an unconventional way. We always take care of every single detail, from the initial project to the final test.

“Some things happen by chance… The last time I visited Luca Cesaroni I was amazed. You should try one of his products for yourself! But be careful… I ended up buying one and you could too, so be prepared!”
(Giacomo Anselmi)