Secret-1-Boost Addicted

When the first Secret-1 LTD came out we were really satisfied but we didn’t stop there. We immediately started working on its new upgraded version.
After a few months a lightning struck our lab and led us to develop a crazy idea. Our lives changed forever: not just a Secret-1 but…


There it is, The Secret-1 Boost Addicted.
A new renewed version, with two more control knobs and a boost section specifically realized to work in pairs with the original Secret-1 LTD.
Built only on request, The Secret-1 Boost Addicted provides two independent sections, Overdrive and Boost, that allow it to reach a great range of sounds simply by combining the two channels.

only on order

One Secret-1 isn’t enough? Double your pleasure with a BOOST ADDICTED!

THE SECRET-1 BOOST ADDICTED can be powered with a good quality stabilized power supply or with a regular 9V battery. To replace it you have to open the four hinges around the box.
The supply voltage ranges from 9Volt DC to 24 Volt DC, by increasing it you get more dynamic and harmonic complexity.
Recommended supply voltage: 18Volt DC.
Pay close attention to the polarity, the pedal has a standard power connector with negative tips (the same used in the famous Boss pedals).

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