A Clean Boost- Overdrive pedal designed to preserve and to exalt to the maximum the touch of the musician and the original sound given by the amp-guitar combination.

The Secret-1 LTD is very dynamic even if submitted to extreme regulations, guaranteeing a great intelligibility of the notes and creating a soft and smooth overdrive effect even at high gain settings, without ever losing its own character.


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When the Gain’s knob is set on zero you get a completely clean sound and, by gradually bringing it towards the maximum, you will get to have a creamy distortion with a good sustain. The pedal does not need the correction of the tone when the gain varies.


The Secret-1 LTD can be powered with a good quality stabilized power supply or with a regular 9V battery. To replace it you have to open the four hinges around the box. The supply voltage ranges from 9Volt DC to 24 Volt DC, by increasing it you get more dynamic and harmonic complexity. Recommended supply voltage: 18Volt DC. Pay close attention to the polarity, the pedal has a standard power connector with negative tips (the same used in the famous Boss pedals).


The box containing the Secret-1 LTD circuit is a militar box. It belonged to the Radio equipment of the German army.

Box dimensions: 14x14x6,5 cm


The Pedal has a true-bypass on/off switch. It preserves the original signal of entrance even when turned off.


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