Soul Pressure Compressor

It is an analog compressor based on the famous “Ross Compressor”. We have renewed the circuit and modified it to be extremely transparent and reactive to the musician’s touch. By adjusting the central “Release” knob you get the chance to intervene on the dynamic of the pedal.


The Soul Pressure can be powered with a good quality stabilized power supply or with a regular 9V battery. To replace it you have to remove the four screws placed around the pedal. The supply voltage ranges from 9Volt DC to 12 Volt DC, by increasing it you get more dynamic and harmonic complexity. Pay close attention to the polarity, the pedal has a standard power connector with negative tips (the same used in the famous Boss pedals). The Pedal has a true-bypass on/off switch.
It preserves the original signal of entrance even when turned off.


Only 2 left in stock


Only 2 left in stock

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