A clean boost and overdrive pedal designed to preserve your guitar and amplifier’s original tone and enhance the musician’s touch.

The Secret-1 is very dynamic even at extreme settings, providing great clarity to the notes and creating a smooth overdrive effect without ever losing its defining character.


With the gain knob set to zero you get a completely clean sound, and by gradually increasing it you will introduce a creamy distortion and more sustain. Adding more distortion does not introduce unpleasant high frequencies, so you can use the tone control to simply shape your desired sound.


The Secret-1 can be powered by a high quality stabilized power supply or with a regular 9V battery. To replace it remove the four screws on the pedal’s side. The accepted supply voltages range from 9V DC to 24V DC, and higher voltages will result in more dynamics and harmonic complexity. The recommended voltage is 18V DC. The pedal has a standard tip negative connector (the same as used by Boss pedals).


The pedal has a true-bypass on/off switch. It preserves the input signal even when switched of.


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