Its secret: It doesn’t alter your natural sound. A biting overdrive with a classic British rock attitude.

For the ones looking for more headroom and extra transparency without sacrificing any playing dynamic.
As a natural development of the Secret-1, this new model opens up to a brighter tone adding more edge to your chops with a biting top end.

Dynamic, Transparent, Low-noise.


The gain control is very powerful and can deliver a wide range of colours. Start with a clean tone with the gain set to zero and turn it up to discover several degrees of saturation. Max out the control all the way up to 11 for “that extra push over the cliff” to experience a fuzz-like distortion.


The tone is a passive control that shelves the treble without affecting the definition of your tone. It can be turned down to tame the rough edge of the distortion that some cabinets may over-emphasise.


The master volume control is positioned at the end of the circuit and only regulates the overall output of the unit without affecting the previous controls.